The Game

Once upon a time, a girl who had just moved to Germany went across the street to the gas station to buy some eggs to bake cookies. And while she thought she was asking the clerk if he had any eggs, she was actually questioning his very manhood.

"Hast Du Eier?" is the game based on her exploits, which have become the stuff of legend in our fair city of Tübingen, Germany. In this game, you play as her (Shalynn) or as a number of other unlockable characters. Your job is to collect as many eggs from the Jet gas station and bring them back to the spot in front of the Unterwegs house - without getting hit by cars or bikes.

How to Play

All you need to play are the arrow keys on your keyboard (and the Enter key, at least once).

Navigating Menus

To make your selection in a menu, use the arrow keys to navigate to the item you want to select. Press Enter to make your selection. In sub-menus, press Escape to return to the previous menu.

Moving Your Character

All you need to do to move your character is use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. No other keys will affect your character.

The Game World

EGG The object of your desire. Collect these, and bring them home. These heavy-duty food items are sturdy enough to survive a fall from your head to the pavement, but a speeding car is enough to pop this guy on the asphalt.

RETURN SPOT Once you carry an egg here, you're home free... to go keep getting more. The return spot is always in the same place - just in front of the Unterwegs driveway - but appears only when you are carrying an egg.

MEDICINE Experimental chemicals from the University Clinic. This falls from the sky (well, from the hill upon which the Clinic is located, more specifically). The effects are different for each character - but they are always temporary, so watch your time bar!

BIKE The innocent, environmentally-friendly commuter. The biker is sensible and knows the danger of fast traffic - he sticks to the red bike lane. But he won't stop for pedestrians dumb enough to step foot in his lane.

MOPED The less innocent, only somewhat-environmentally-friendly commuter. The moped driver shares the Biker's aversion towards driving on the street - as well as his hatred for pedestrians in the bike lane.

CAR Germany's chief export. They go fast, and, true to reality, if they see a pedestrian in front of them on Wilhelmstrasse, they will accelerate to try and hit you. If you get close and don't get hit, you may get some bonus points!

BUS Tübingen is a green city - which means that public transportation is a big deal. Buses come by frequently, and because of their sheer mass, won't stop for anything unless someone inside requests a stop.

FIRETRUCK European sirens are a staple of life on Wilhelmstrasse. Firetrucks come by incredibly often and travel incredibly fast. It's an emergency, after all.

ACHIEVEMENT Once in a while, you may hear a trumpet fanfare and see this fellow appear at the bottom of the screen. Don't worry - it's a good thing. Rack up Achievements by completing secret tricks and tasks, and you'll receive extra points at the end of the game for each Achievement you have.

The Game's History

This is actually the second video game-retelling of this incredible story. The game was made possible by 50 generous supporters who gave through the Hast Du Eier? Kickstarter Project.

The original can still be played in the archives of the Unterwegs e.V. website: click here.

Version History

1.0 6.29.2012 Original upload.